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Leadership Certificate Program

In the 10 years we've been working with developmental service agencies, we've had the opportunity to discuss challenges of managers and employees that reach beyond payroll and employee management. One theme that has emerged time and again is the lack of continuing education programs for employees already working in the developmental service sector, specifically that of leadership training opportunities.

It was these discussions that led us to the idea of offering the Developmental Service Leadership training program. The collaboration between leaders in Manitoba's developmental service sector and Inclusion, combined with our resources and level of expertise, have resulted in a certificate program customized for developmental service employees and managers that provides them with valuable tools they can take action on right away.

The Developmental Service Leadership Certificate Program consists of a variety of learning events offered through half-day workshops. The program is designed to meet the leadership development needs of leaders and emerging leaders working in the developmental service sector. Workshop topics have been selected based on consultation with and feedback from developmental service agencies. Certification is awarded as follows:

Level One
Attend Four Workshops
Level Two
Attend Eight Workshops
Level Three
Attend Twelve Workshops
Level Four
Attend Sixteen Workshops
Level Five
Attend Twenty Workshops