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"We're a small agency that really only needs basic payroll and HR pieces combined with responsive service."

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Powered by the online Everest System.


The human resources system built for agencies and connected to Inclusion.


Custom reporting on all aspects of administrative work.

Unlimited Support

Enjoy the endless support of The Includables, your superhuman Inclusion Support Team.


"We're a growing agency that needs an organized and efficient process if we want to keep growing."

Everything in Groovy, plus:


After listening to hundreds of agencies we have built a scheduling system just for you.

Time Approval

Connects to the scheduling system, records variances from worked and scheduled hours and passes them to payroll.

Daily Pay

The advanced Inclusion engine. This system calculates your specific pay rules accurately and automatically sends that data to payroll.


"We're an agency looking to optimize our processes and maximize our accuracy and efficiency."

Everything in Groovy & Stupendous, plus:

Time Entry

A self-service time entry system for employees. Perfect for SIL, unsupervised situations, or for agencies looking to eliminate timesheets entirely.

Inclusion Punch Clocks

Using advanced biometric finger scans, these clocks are integrated with our scheduling program and automatically record when employees punch in or out.

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More than 65,000 hours have been spent developing Inclusion.
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A Schedule as unique as you are.

The Inclusion scheduling system was built specifically for the developmental service agency world; 24/7 house schedules, packed day programs or maybe even people moving between two houses in the same day. If it happens at an agency, you can put it on our schedule.