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“Inclusion really has invested in understanding what we need and what other agencies like us need and their system has really been developed specifically for that purpose.”


- Ruby Reimer, Executive Director at Epic Opportunities

Winnipeg, Manitoba | 305 Employees

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Community Living North Halton
North Halton, Ontario | 341 Employees
“Inclusion helps us to be a better agency. We can make changes quicker, we can track things better for our employees… We can actually use better systems to help us do our jobs better.”
- Sara Macleod, Manager of Organizational Development
Moose Jaw, Regina | 79 Employees
“The team they have working at Inclusion is second to none, and the system that they have designed is phenomenal.”
- Valerie Budd-Pritchard, Executive Director
Burlington, Ontario | 346 Employees
“I don’t really like scheduling… at all! However, Inclusion has made it a lot easier and I can now spend time with the people I support. It saved probably 50% of my time at my desk.”
- Bonnie Aura, Residential Manager