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Built for the craziness of the agency world

Schedule team members into 24/7 house schedules with support for recurring shifts, visual pay code allocation, and protection against double booking, overtime and budgeting errors. When inevitable schedule changes happen, you can easily update only the relevant team members.

Shift Bidding

The tool for an effective schedule

Select vacant shifts to open for bidding and wait for your employee's bids to come in. When the time comes to assign the shift, Shift Bidding will provide you with all the info you need. See your employee's seniority, total hours for the week and pay period, as well as any comments or questions they might have. Shift Bidding will also update your schedule for you once the shift is assigned.


The app that fills last minute shifts quickly and stress-free

Automatically generate call lists based on your team’s availability, rules, and schedules to intelligently avoid double bookings and overtime while following your CBA to the letter. Confirm the list, and Shiftshark will send automated texts or calls en masse to your selected team members and display their responses in real time. Assign the shift, and we’ll automatically notify everyone who responded and update your schedule.

Time Tracking & Approval

Track and approve time online - no time sheets required

Online time entry makes it easy for employees to confirm or log their hours and track time worked. Online record storage means you’ll never worry about losing a time sheet again! Optional biometric clock and geolocation web punch ensure accurate time and location logging, saving even more admin work. Afterwards, all logged hours are sent to our first-class time approval hub where managers can view employee shift details across all departments under one screen. Review, adjust, and approve time entries like never before!

Pay rule calculator

Intelligent pay calculations customized to your agency

Our pay calculator supports every rule you can dream of. From awake-at-night to bank-time to overtime to full-moon blue-shirt midnight bonuses – just tell us your pay rules, and we’ll do our darndest to automate them! Once you're set up, real-time calculations let supervisors review, approve, and view calculations as soon as the hours are entered!


Pay your staff on time, every time

Use data from your agency’s schedules and pay rules to create pay sheets with a single click, avoiding boredom (and the human error that comes with it). Easily view and edit accruals, deductions, regular time, overtime, vacation, and any other rates your agency supports. We even process direct deposits, ROEs and T4s in-house, and provide automated remittances and accounting journal entries. Your payroll department says “thank you!”.

HR Tools

Track trainings and certifications, store files, and more

Track trainings and certifications with expiration alerts so your team stays compliant and always knows when it’s time to recertify – before it’s too late. Built-in tools for sharing documents, certificates, and notes on employees help you stay on top of the big little things.


Insightful reports that lead to better decisions

Quickly generate free custom reports for funders, families, unions, the NSA, or any other third parties. Easily accessible records eliminate confusion over who worked where when how (it even sounds confusing) and pre-built reports let you quickly view all your employees’ vacation / sick-time / bank-time balances, seniority, wages (separated by department), and more. Internal analysis has never been so easy!

Free wicked-good customer support

Our Winnipeg-based team is here to help

If you ever need support with anything at all, give us a call and you can talk to a real live person who actually cares about you! Even better, we respond super-fast to requests, and everyone on the phones is a trained system expert who knows how to help. Best of all, you’ll never pay a dime for it - we just want you to love our system as much as we do <3.

Free 90 Day Trial

Try our full system with your agency's own data.

When we say our full system, we mean it. We'll come down to your agency, train your staff, and set up the Inclusion System with your agency's real data - all for free. After 90 days, if you are not satisfied with our system, you can show us the door and never pay a dime - no strings attached.