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Inclusion is about working every day to figure out new ways to make managing your staff easier. Inclusion is about learning from agencies all over Canada and sharing the knowledge in a system for all. Enjoy scheduling, time tracking, and payroll made simple with Inclusion.

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Since Inclusion's creation in 2008, we've met a lot of great people,

Carrie Bowden,
Residential Services Coord. at Simaril

Don McPherson,
Executive Director at Arcane Horizon

Jeannette Delong,
Executive Director at Epic Opportunities

and learned a lot about helping great agencies.

See how Inclusion evolves to help one of our oldest customers take their admin work to new heights.

The Engage! Workshop

Energize your supervisors with the acclaimed workshop on employee engagement, lead by Darryl Stewart, Head of the Herd at IBEX Payroll!

This workshop covers how to motivate employees, deal with the difficult ones, and create a positive work environment. Best of all - it's free! Click below for more information or to register.

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Inclusion has made a huge positive impact on our agency. Our time on scheduling, time tracking, and payroll has been cut in half.
- Andy Russo, HR Manager at Pulford

I would absolutely recommend Inclusion to every community organization that would like to have an efficient payroll product!
- Dana, Director of Day Services

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