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Un-busy your agency

Inclusion System - Section One

One easy to use system, designed for agencies with free, live support

Your agency is unique. So are we. Whether it's grievances, stipends, or CBA's - we understand the challenges that face developmental services agencies and specifically built the Inclusion System to make your life easier.


The app that fills last minute shifts quickly and stress-free

Automatically generate call lists based on your team's availability, rules, and schedules to intelligently avoid double-bookings and overtime while following your CBA to the letter. Confirm the list, and Shiftshark will send automated texts or calls en masse to your selected team members and display their response in real time. Assign the shift, and we'll notify everyone who responded and update your schedule.

8:00 AM
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Trusted by the most caring agencies

“Inclusion has made a huge positive impact on our agency. Our time on scheduling, time tracking, and payroll has been cut in half.”

- Andy Russo, Human Resource Manager at Pulford Community Living Services